Accredited Wilderness Therapy Programs tackle your issues in the wilderness. Whether you need to heal from trauma or addiction, want a sense of community or want to gain self-confidence, accredited wilderness therapy programs can help. We at ANASAZI Foundation offer courses in wilderness therapy, which can help you learn how to increase your chances of completing the course.

Benefits of Accredited Wilderness Therapy Programs

1. Help you understand personal issues and are aimed at building self-confidence

You gain an amazing perspective on personal issues in wilderness therapy. Accredited Wilderness Therapy Programs allows you to address trauma, grief, addiction, depression, anger and other issues in a completely organic way, making it a powerful tool for growth. By working with trained professionals who completely understand human psychology, you can identify triggers for your behaviors or reactions to certain events that led to negative behavior.

2. Help you integrate into society

Wilderness therapy effectively means overcoming substance abuse, personal trauma, grief and depression. By working with Accredited Wilderness Therapy Programs, you can learn how to identify your triggers and set up a healthy environment for yourself. When you gain skills in developing healthy relationships with yourself and others, you will be able to live in the real world. That way, you can engage with other people constructively before continuing higher education or entering the workforce.

3. Help you experience what it is like to set up a healthy environment for yourself

You will experience living in the wilderness with others who have gone through the same journey. You can learn from others by observing their behavior, learning from their mistakes and applying what you learn to your own life. That is a way to gain skills for dealing with your issues without having to go through them yourself.

4. Help you make healthier decisions

One of the benefits of accredited wilderness therapy programs is that they teach you how to make healthier decisions. Your facilitator will allow you to explore different scenarios and various outcomes. You will be able to see how these decisions affect both your personal and professional lives. With these skills, you can learn how to avoid making the same mistakes or feeling regret for a decision that was made in haste.

5. Take you out of your comfort zone

One of the big benefits of accredited wilderness therapy programs is that they will take you out of your comfort zone. You can face your issues, learn certain life and survival skills and create a deeper connection with nature. The outdoors offers a physical environment to work through personal issues and gain perspective on past decisions. It is also an effective way to develop a sense of community with others participating in accredited wilderness therapy programs.

6. Approach your issues in a holistic way

Wilderness therapy for young adults is a holistic approach to dealing with personal issues. Instead of trying to fix the issue, your counselors will teach you to embrace it and incorporate it into your life rather than rejecting it. It is important because when you reject an issue in your life, you can develop resentment or anger due to covering up the problem rather than dealing with it directly.


ANASAZI Foundation offers wilderness therapy for young adults that offers a holistic approach to dealing with issues. Our wilderness therapy programs will help you heal from trauma and build self-confidence. In addition, the programs will prepare you for higher education and the workplace in a unique way.